A Year-Long Investigative Journalism Course

Mentored by journalists Laurent Richard, Sandrine Rigaud and Annie Hylton, a group of students from the SciencesPo School of Journalism, class of 2021, kickstarted an investigative consortium project on the impact of heat on the lives of workers around the world. Thanks to the direct testimonies of victims, their families and international experts, the team has produced four in-depth articles that touch upon workers’ rights and expand on the role of governments and private corporations in Italy, France, Spain and Qatar. From the negligence of Spanish construction companies to racism of the Italian agricultural industry, and human rights violations in Qatar to corruption in France, this investigative project sheds light on the critical impact of rising temperatures on the health of thousands of primary sectors’ employees. As the Heat Trap Project is able to demonstrate, the climate change crisis has led to an increasingly vicious cycle where, often, both private and public institutions fail in their duties to protect workers.

About the Investigative Consortium

The team, composed of more than 30 journalists, is the result of a collaboration between the International and French 2021 Master cohorts of the School of Journalism at the University of Paris SciencesPo. All members of the consortium are soon to be graduates of the SciencesPo Journalism Masters Program.

About the School

The SciencesPo School of Journalism is based in Paris, France. It offers two masters programs: a French Master in Journalism and an International Joint Master in Journalism and International Studies. Find out more at The SciencesPo School of Journalism’s website.